Teacher Training

We deliver free teacher training and CPD about humanism across the UK at national teacher conferences, through initial teacher training (ITT) providers, and at local authority training days.

We can also fit in with your school’s training needs through:

  • Inset days
  • Twilight sessions
  • SACRE training days
  • Local teacher conferences and CPD

We are happy to work with teachers from one school or across a number of schools.

If you would like to book free teacher training to help with subject knowledge, resources, or teaching practice connected with humanism, then please contact us on


Understanding Humanism Teachers Conference

‘I thought the day was superb! I will definitely be returning next year and hopefully bring more of my department!’

Jo Brown, RE Subject Leader, The Costello School

Our annual teachers conference offers a day of stimulating seminars and workshops for primary and secondary teachers, subject leaders, and headteachers, designed to enhance teachers’ subject knowledge of humanism (a non-religious worldview) and secularism, and support them with ideas for teaching about humanism in the classroom.

Next year’s conference is scheduled for 9 July 2019.

If you have any questions about the conference or can offer to run a session, please email


Faith to Faithless apostasy and safeguarding training

Does your school understand the unique issues faced by some young people who leave a religion? Can you offer them the support they need?

Young people leaving religion may face exclusions, shaming, and isolation. Some risk homelessness, violence, psychological abuse, and discrimination.

Working with apostates, Faith to Faithless has developed an in-depth training programme for organisations who may come into contact with apostates, including schools.

The training includes awareness of the most common issues faced by apostates, referrals to relevant organisations that can help, language and helpful/unhelpful ways to talk about apostasy, and safeguarding implications specific to your practice.

For more information click here or contact Faith to Faithless on or 020 7324 3060.


Subject knowledge

For more information about humanism click here.

Humanists UK has a wealth of further information about humanism on its website.

For a list of recommend books on humanism see our books page.

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