Understanding Humanism

Humanist Perspectives

Animal welfare

How can evidence and empathy inform decisions about animal welfare? What do humanists think about eating meat?

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Humanists UK’s animal welfare campaign page


Why might a humanist be motivated to engage in dialogue with religious people? What areas of common ground can be found?

Interview with Humanists UK’s Dialogue Officer Jeremy Rodell

Environmental Issues

Why might humanists care about the environment? Is the natural world only important because of its use to human beings?

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Interview with former Co-Leader of the Green Party, Siân Berry

Humanist Climate Action

Humanist Heritage article on the history of humanist environmentalism

Faith schools

Why might humanists object to faith schools? What arguments might they use?

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Interview with Humanists UK education campaigners

Organ donation

What do humanists think about donating our organs after we die?

Jamie Theakston provides a humanist perspective on the new organ donation laws

War and peace

Do humanists think war can ever be justified? Why might a humanist join the armed forces? How do humanists work for peace?

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In this short film humanists from Defence Humanists answer some of the above questions.

In this short film humanist philosopher A C Grayling answers questions on war, its causes, its justifications and how we might avoid it.

More coming soon!

Humanist perspectives on their way on war and peace, crime and punishment, prejudice and discrimination, and families and relationships.

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Understanding Humanism

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