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Conway Hall is one of only two surviving buildings in the UK built by and for the non-religious. A humanist building, this was a place where non-religious people could gather, to come together and find community. A community specifically of people who wanted to share ideas, to work for a better world, and to enjoy music, the arts, and each other’s company.

Our virtual tour provides teachers and students with the opportunity to explore the humanist worldview and its history. On this interactive journey you will discover some of the people, objects, stories, and events that helped to shape humanism and its impact on the modern world. Featuring 360-degree panoramic views, high-definition imagery, audio commentary, and video, the virtual tour will help bring humanism to life.

As well as introducing the history of this building and the people who have used it, the tour explores what it means to be ‘humanist’. Linked to the main spaces in the building (the foyer, main hall, and library), you’ll discover some of the key features of humanism through the themes of:

  • community and the arts
  • freedom of speech and taking action for others
  • understanding the world and the sharing of ideas. 


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Virtual tour resources

Teachers guide and suggested activities: read this first to help you navigate around the tour, and find ideas to support students’ learning

Doers, Dreamers, Place Makers: eight short stories about humanists from history connected with Conway Hall

Videos featured in the tour: all the videos in one place

Other resources

Origins of humanist organisations: a resource describing the links between humanist organisations and rationalists, ethicists, and secularists, three movements that link closely to the three themes on the virtual tour

A flowchart of the history of Humanists UK

Other resources on the history and influence of humanism

To learn more about many of the people you meet on on the virtual tour and more visit the Humanist Heritage website.


Further links

Visit the Humanist Heritage website.

Visit the Conway Hall website.

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Understanding Humanism

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