What is humanism? (age 7-11)

‘A humanist is someone who will never tell you what to believe. We will never tell you what is absolutely true. We will never make claims that cannot be proven and that you cannot find out for yourself. We believe life is an adventure and that nobody knows the answers or the destination.’

Stephen Fry, Patron of Humanists UK

  • How do humanists decide what to believe?
  • Why do humanists think we need to make the most of life?
  • What do humanists value?
  • How do humanists believe we can know the difference between right and wrong?

Here are a selection of resources offering students an introduction to humanist beliefs and values, including presentations, videos, multiple-choice questions for assessment, and a ‘How humanist are you?’ quiz.

What is Humanism? (age 7-11)
Suitable for: 7-11

Lesson Plans

What is Humanism? (age 7-11)

This plan, and the accompanying presentation, offers students an introduction to Humanism. It can be used as a one-off lesson, or as an introductory lesson to a unit on Humanism. It will introduce students to key humanist beliefs and values, and contains quotes for discussion and possible questions to explore further. It also includes a selection of multiple-choice questions with which to assess students’ understanding. Download


What is Humanism? (age 7-11)



Happy Human

An outline of a Happy Human for students to decorate. Download

What is humanism?: Other resources
Suitable for: 11-14, 14-16, 16-18, 5-7, 7-11


Quiz: How humanist are you?

A set of questions designed to get people thinking about what it means to be a humanist and whether any of their own beliefs or values could be described as ‘humanist’. Download
Download Presentation


Introducing humanism

(Age 11+) Chief Executive of Humanists UK, Andrew Copson, presents an introduction to humanist beliefs about human nature, knowledge, meaning, morality, and society Watch

What does humanism mean to humanists?

(Age 11+) A vareity of humanists answer the question ‘What is humanism?’ Watch

When did you decide you were a humanist?

(Age 7+) Humanists explain how they came to describe themselves as humanists. Very often it was the discovery of a word that fitted their existing approach to life. Watch

Who are humanists?

(Age 7+) Several humanists explain what it means to be a humanist. Watch

An introduction to Humanism

(Age 11+) Several famous humanists offer their answers to some of life's biggest questions. Watch

External Resources

A is for Atheism

A is for Atheism: A video introduction to atheism and humanism

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