The satisfaction of creative achievement… the excitement of discovery…relationships with others…the life of the emotions… the enjoyment of beauty in art and nature… These, we know, are the things which enrich our experience.

Richard Norman, humanist philosopher

What do humanists value? Do they share these values with others? Do they have special places? Find out what humanists believe are the important ingredients of a good life and what they think human beings should celebrate and strive for.

What do humanists value?
Suitable for: 11-14, 7-11

Lesson Plans

What do humanists value?

In this lesson students will explore humanist values. They will learn about the things that humanists believe human beings should strive for and celebrate because they believe they can support human individuals and societies to flourish. They will also learn that humanists have no places of worship but see wonder in the natural world and have admiration for many of the achievements of human engineering and architecture. Finally they will use what they have learned to design a building that represents the things that humanists value. Download


What do humanists value?



Quotes about humanist values

A collection of quotes about the things humanists value. Download

Humanist values

Words connected with things humanists value. Download

Design a humanist building

Can students design a building that represents humanist values? Download

Quotes from architects and humanist buildings

Architects describe what a humanist building might look like with some pictures of examples. Download

Other Resources

Shared Values

Do human beings have shared values? Explore how humanists believe the origins of morality lie inside human beings.


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