Celebrations and Ceremonies (age 5-7)

What do humanists celebrate? Do humanists mark important times in their lives such as births, deaths, and marriages? Do humanists have non-religious ceremonies? Find out what humanists celebrate and how such occasions are an important opportunity for them to show love, commitment, and support to fellow human beings.

Here you can find resources on humanist naming ceremonies. For resources on humanist weddings see What happens at a humanist wedding? in age 7-11. For resources on humanist funerals see Life and Death.

Why do humanists celebrate new life?
Suitable for: 5-7, 7-11

Lesson Plans

Why do humanists celebrate new life?

In this lesson students will watch a short film about a humanist naming ceremony and investigate why humanists celebrate new life and value the community of family and friends. At a humanist naming ceremony the parents are free to decide where to hold it and what they want to say. Using what they have learned, students will plan a naming ceremony of their own and write their own promises to a newborn baby. Download


Why do humanists celebrate new life?



Namings statements

Which of these statements might you hear at a humanist naming ceremony? Download

Namings planning template

A planning sheet for students to plan their own naming ceremony. Download

Namings leaf template

A leaf template for students to write their own promises or advice to a new baby. Download

Namings poems

Two poems to stimulate students to write their own poem about what is important in life, or advice to new parents or a new baby. Download


Naming ceremony

(Age 5+) Watch a humanist naming ceremony, hear how the parents made it meaningful to them, and use the questions to help students plan their own ceremony. Watch

Humanist Perspectives

Celebrations and ceremonies

What do humanists celebrate and how do they mark important events in their lives? Download

Humanist Perspectives

Celebrations and ceremonies

What do humanists celebrate and how do they mark important events in their lives?


External Resources

Rosie Stories

Three short stories about a girl's perspective on a humanist naming ceremony, wedding, and funeral. Photocopiable worksheets and lesson ideas are also available.

Secular Naming Ceremony

Secular Naming Ceremony: This film presents a humanist celebrant explaining their role and gives an example of a reading at a humanist naming ceremony.

The Lion King

The Lion King: The opening scene from the Disney's The Lion King featuring the song, The Circle of Life.

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