Why should I be good?
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Why should I be good?

In this lesson students will investigate whether rules, laws, and the promise of reward or the fear of punishment are the only reasons to be good. They will explore what motivates humanists to be good, and discover why humanists think we can use our natural capacity for reason and empathy to help us consider the effects of our actions on others and think about what would happen if everyone acted the same way. Finally, exploring a number of moral dilemmas, they will use what they have learned to explain how a humanist might decide to act and why, and compare it to their own reasons. Download


Why should I be good?



Why should I be good? dilemmas

A group activity featuring moral dilemmas which allow students to explore how they would choose to act, how a humanist might choose to act, and why. Download

Humanist responses: why be good?

Can students fill in the speech bubbles with humanist responses to statements and questions about why we should be good? Download


What makes something right or wrong?

(Age 11+) A short animation about how humanists make decisions about how to act, and why they believe we should be proud that morality is a human invention. Watch

Humanist Perspectives


Why should we be good to others? How can I know the difference between right and wrong? Download

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