Why don't humanists believe in a god or gods?
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This presentation contains slides relevant to the activities and the humanist perspectives on arguments for gods and the problem of evil. Download


Concept cartoon on belief

Why might people believe in ghosts? Why might people believe in gods? Are these good reasons? Download

More or less likely

Do these events make it more or less likely a god exists? Would they change your beliefs? Download

Humanist responses: arguments for gods

Fill in the speech bubbles with how humanists might respond to arguments for the existence of a god. Download

The problem of evil activities

Is there a non-scientific reason why things happen? Is it always appropriate to keep asking 'Why'? Download

Epicurus and the problem of evil

Can you reconstruct Epicurus' argument against the existence of an omnipotent, benevolent god? Download

Consequences of non-belief

If one doesn't believe in a god or gods, can you still live a happy, ethical, and meaningful life? Download


How do we know what is true?

(Age 11+) A short animation about how humanists believe science is the best method for answering questions about the world. Watch

Humanist Perspectives


Why don't humanists believe in a god or gods? If gods don't exist, why might people believe in them? How important is the question of a god's existence to humanists? Download

Arguments for gods

How might a humanist respond to the different arguments put forward for the existence of a god? How might humanists explain alleged miracles? Download
Download Presentation

The problem of evil

Why might humanists believe the existence of so much evil and suffering in the world is evidence against an omnipotent, benevolent god? Download
Download Presentation

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