What makes us special?
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What makes us special?

In this lesson students will investigate what makes human beings special. They will discover why humanists value human beings’ ability to ask questions and find answers. They will explore how our questions and the desire to answer them can help us to understand ourselves and the world, and transform the world for the better. They will go on to explore their own questions, assess what makes a question interesting, and think about how they can know whether they have been given the right answer to a question. Finally they will take a look at what else, as well as our curiosity, humanists think makes us special, and use what they have learned to create an artwork. Download


What makes us special?



Interesting questions?

Which questions are difficult? Which questions are interesting? Are more difficult questions, more interesting? Download

Happy Human outline

Decorate a Happy Human with questions or with what makes human beings special. Download

Other activities

Three activities to get students thinking about good questions. Download



(Age 5+) Why are questions important to humanists? Watch

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