What is Humanism? (age 7-11)
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What is Humanism? (age 7-11)

This plan, and the accompanying presentation, offers students an introduction to Humanism. It can be used as a one-off lesson, or as an introductory lesson to a unit on Humanism. It will introduce students to key humanist beliefs and values, and contains quotes for discussion and possible questions to explore further. It also includes a selection of multiple-choice questions with which to assess students’ understanding. Download


What is Humanism? (age 7-11)



Quiz: How humanist are you?

A set of questions designed to get people thinking about what it means to be a humanist and whether any of their own beliefs or values could be described as ‘humanist’. Download
Download Presentation

Happy Human

An outline of a Happy Human for students to decorate. Download


Who are humanists?

(Age 7+) Several humanists explain what it means to be a humanist. Watch

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