What happens at a humanist wedding?
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What happens at a humanist wedding?

In this lesson students explore what happens at a humanist wedding and why many non-religious people feel the need for a personal and meaningful occasion to mark their marriage. Watching a montage of images from humanist weddings, students will explore different ways non-religious couples might choose to symbolise their love. Using what they have learned, they will think about what questions a humanist celebrant might want to ask a humanist couple before their wedding, and the answers the couple might give. Download


What happens at a humanist wedding?



Weddings spot the difference

Compare and contrast pictures of a humanist wedding and a church wedding. Download

Weddings film questions

Questions about the Humanist Weddings film Download

Wedding vows

Compare and contrast humanist and Church of England wedding vows. Download

Wedding planning

What questions might a humanist celebrant want to ask a couple to help them ensure their wedding is meaningful to them? What answers might the couple give? Download

Weddings alphabet activity

Can you think of something you might find at a wedding beginning with every letter of the alphabet? Which are the most important? Download

Weddings dictionary activity

Match the word to its definition (vow, promise, intention, aspiration). Download

Weddings statements

Which of these statements might you hear at a humanist wedding? Download


Humanist weddings

(Age 5+) A montage of images of humanist weddings Watch

Humanist Perspectives

Celebrations and ceremonies

What do humanists celebrate and how do they mark important events in their lives? Download

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