How do humanists deal with moral dilemmas?
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How do humanists deal with moral dilemmas?

In this lesson students will investigate how humanists decide what is the right thing to do by thinking carefully about the particular situation and using empathy and reason to guide them. They will explore the different ethical principles a humanist might use, then debate and decide for themselves which principles should take preference in different moral dilemmas. They will use what they have learned to critique and evaluate a humanist approach to ethical decision making. Download


How do humanists deal with moral dilemmas?



Moral dilemmas

A group activity featuring a series of moral dilemmas which allow students to explore how humanists approach moral problems using a range of ethical principles. Download


What makes something right or wrong?

(Age 11+) A short animation about how humanists make decisions about how to act, and why they believe we should be proud that morality is a human invention. Watch

Humanist Perspectives


Why should we be good to others? How can I know the difference between right and wrong? Download

Ethics: The evolution of morality

Where does our morality come from? Is it set in stone or a work in progress? Download

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