Does life have any meaning?
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Does life have any meaning?

In this lesson students will investigate why humanists think there is no reason to believe there is a hidden, external, ‘ultimate’ meaning to life and instead believe meaning is something we create for ourselves. They will explore and evaluate different possible ingredients of ‘the good life’, investigate how we can make our own lives meaningful, and appraise different humanists’ views. Finally they will write a letter to their future selves explaining what they think makes a meaningful life. Download


Does life have any meaning?



Ingredients of the good life

Can students order and evaluate these potential ingredients of 'the good life' and conclude whether what makes a meaningful life is the same for everyone? Download

Humanist quotes on meaning in life

A collection of humanist quotes about meaning in life for students to evaluate and compare and contrast to religious attitudes to meaning. Download

Meaning in life: criticisms and responses

How might humanists respond to these criticisms of their beliefs about meaning in life? Download

What is the good life?

Questions to help students write letters to their future selves describing how they hope they will have made their lives meaningful. Download

Humanist responses: meaning

Can students fill in the speech bubbles with humanist responses to statements and questions about meaning in life? Download


What are the ingredients of the good life?

(Age 7+) Humanists describe how they think human beings can lead happy, worthwhile, and meaningful lives. Watch

How can I be happy?

(Age 11+) A short animation about how humanists believe we need to find our own ways to make our lives meaningful, and that we should make the most of the one life we know we have. Watch

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